Another Obama Outrage

Obama has made another scary move in the wake of his unconstitutional gun grab: 17 detainees will be released from Gitmo next week – including al Qaeda terrorists.

We are truly facing disturbing times when our President makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to arm themselves while at the same time releasing dangerous terrorists. 

Our current Attorney General, Roy Cooper, is sitting silently while our rights are under direct attack.

Friends, it is time for us to take a stand here in North Carolina!  We must elect an Attorney General who will fight Obama’s assault on the Second Amendment and defend us against his dangerous actions. 

As your next Attorney General, I will be a champion of your Constitutional rights. A leftist President with a pen cannot override the will of the people of the Old North State or the Constitution. We should “keep weapons out of the wrong hands” by removing the pen from the Obama's hand! 

Will you join me in the fight by forwarding this email to everyone you know and sharing our message on social media? This election is critical – and I need your support in order to fight back!

Thank you for standing with me. 

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