Details of the Obama Gun Grab

Recently, President Barack Obama made the following statement in an email to a group of supporters.  ”I’ve Got 12 Months Left To Squeeze Every Ounce Of Change I Can While I'm Still In Office. And That's What I Intend To Do.   The details of his Executive Order on guns does more than just squeeze; it strangles.

I put the White House release pertaining to this gun grab on my website for you to read in its entirety; but here are a few of the examples of a total disregard for our Constitutional freedoms.

-    You might be a firearms dealer.  That’s right. According to this new order, there is no minimum number of gun sales for an individual to be classified as a firearms dealer.   Think about that.  You own a rifle and you’d like to give it to your father.   You could be required to run a federal background check on him.  Yes, even if you weren’t selling it. Because the language speaks of “dealing” in firearms, not just selling them.  There is no requirement that this is a business venture.  The criteria is left totally up to discretion of the Federal Government and you could face the threat of Federal prosecution for failure to comply.  


-    You’ve probably heard of HIPPA regulations.  These regulations say that what goes on between you and your health care provider is private.  With the stroke of a pen, President Obama has now made it legal for a health care provider to provide information to the federal government that can be determined if you are “healthy enough” to own a gun.  So much for privacy.


-    Obama is providing funding to promote “smart gun technology”.  An example would be a handgun that would have to recognize the owners fingerprint before firing.  Would  you trust the protection of your home and family to that technology?   Apple can’t even get a fingerprint scanner to work on the iPhone half of the time.


Finally, proving this Order has little to do with safety and everything to do with the Obama legacy, this press release on “gun safety” includes an entire paragraph singing the praises of ObamaCare. 


It’s time for American’s who cherish freedom and believe the Constitution still matters to take a stand!  Spread the word about this assault on liberty by forwarding this message to your entire address book. (If you’ve received this message from a friend, feel free to subscribe to my email list)  I will send out updates every day this week to do my part in keeping you informed.  But rest assured, if I am fortunate enough to be your Attorney General, I would do everything within my power to prevent this abuse of power from ever infringing on the rights of the people of North Carolina.  

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