Fight for Voter ID

When North Carolina’s Attorney General is failing to defend the state’s law to the fullest extent the appeals process allows, we have to ask why?

Sadly, we see that Roy Cooper’s campaign is bankrolled by people who oppose common sense voter ID laws, including the fringe, liberal elites from all across the country like George Soros. Roy Cooper defended NC's voter ID law until he received a maximum donation from the man who has spent millions bankrolling voter ID lawsuits. 

Instead of upholding his constitutional duty as Attorney General and siding with North Carolinians – who overwhelmingly support voter ID – Roy Cooper is siding with liberal, out-of-state donors like George Soros.

North Carolina’s families expect elected officials to show up and do our jobs, just as your bosses expect you to show up and do yours. Roy Cooper should not be held to a different standard than the taxpayers who fund his office’s budget and his salary.

Don't let anyone distract you with politically correct lies about this bill. It is fair and impartial. The 5th Circuit Court even referenced NC’s voter ID process as a model and commended our voter education initiatives to educate voters about the changes.

I’m proud to stand with Governor McCrory as we fight all the way to the Supreme Court to ensure integrity and honesty in our elections while ensuring citizens are not impeded at the ballot box. We should be satisfied with nothing less than 100% confidence that one person has one vote.

I’m joining with my colleagues in both state and federal government to ask Cooper to do his job or resign. The Attorney General’s office is the last place for an ambitious politician.

We must have a top law enforcement official who stands for the rule of law, not special interests or political correctness. We need an AG with the backbone to fight for our state – especially on issues like voter ID.

The rule of law matters in this state, and if elected as AG, you will never have to wonder where I stand. I will not cave to political correctness when truth is at stake. It’s time for Roy Cooper to do the same, or step aside.

If you agree, please add your name to my petition here.