Meet Buck


Buck Newton is a hard-working attorney who runs his own private practice in Wilson. Since 2011, Buck also has served his community in the State Senate and earned a reputation as fair-minded and dependable.

From his first day in office, Buck has chaired Judiciary Committees in the N.C. Senate and helped strengthen North Carolina’s criminal justice system and business climate. He reversed the outdated, status quo approach that government knows best and insisted that taxpayers get a better return on their investment in state government. Currently, Newton chairs the Judiciary I Committee as well as the Appropriations Committee on Justice and Public Safety. In these roles, he increased public safety funding to modernize the court system and provide North Carolina’s judiciary and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to prosecute criminals and protect our citizens.


Buck’s primary mission in the legislature is to make North Carolina families prosper again. He entered public service because state government needed a fresh mindset in Raleigh. 


For too long, leaders in Raleigh insisted on growing government, coddling criminals, and looking the other way to public corruption. They saddled our state with historic unemployment and sky-high taxes. Their inflexible approach to educating the next generation resulted in teacher furloughs and children unequipped for the jobs of the 21st Century. North Carolinians deserved a new way, one that rolled back expansive government, provided more educational options for parents, and empowered individuals and businesses to create and expand.

At a time when corruption saddled our state’s politics, Buck has served with integrity and consistency. His track record demonstrates his commitment to get things done on the most pressing problems facing our state. Specifically, he’s most proud of his work to:


newton_202_copy.jpgA native of Wilson, Newton graduated from Hunt High School before attending Appalachian State University where he received his bachelor's degree in Political Science. Since graduating from Campbell University School of Law, Newton has practiced law at his firm, Newton and Lee, in his hometown of Wilson for the past sixteen years. He is an active member of First United Methodist Church and has served the community in a number of ways through their ministries. Buck and his wife Hope have three children: Sharpe, Thomas, and Virginia Grey.