Justice ad

Our newest ad describes the clear contrast in this race. Josh Stein passed the Racial Justice Act; Buck Newton repealed it because it let cold-blooded murderers escape death row for unrelated statistical data -- not the evidence of their crimes. It was an outrageous law (the only one of its kind in the country), and delayed the justice that victims and their families deserved.


Ad: Why law enforcement backs Buck

Watch our new tv ad to see why law enforcement is supporting my campaign.


Fight for Voter ID

When North Carolina’s Attorney General is failing to defend the state’s law to the fullest extent the appeals process allows, we have to ask why?

Sadly, we see that Roy Cooper’s campaign is bankrolled by people who oppose common sense voter ID laws, including the fringe, liberal elites from all across the country like George Soros. Roy Cooper defended NC's voter ID law until he received a maximum donation from the man who has spent millions bankrolling voter ID lawsuits. 

Instead of upholding his constitutional duty as Attorney General and siding with North Carolinians – who overwhelmingly support voter ID – Roy Cooper is siding with liberal, out-of-state donors like George Soros.

North Carolina’s families expect elected officials to show up and do our jobs, just as your bosses expect you to show up and do yours. Roy Cooper should not be held to a different standard than the taxpayers who fund his office’s budget and his salary.

Don't let anyone distract you with politically correct lies about this bill. It is fair and impartial. The 5th Circuit Court even referenced NC’s voter ID process as a model and commended our voter education initiatives to educate voters about the changes.

I’m proud to stand with Governor McCrory as we fight all the way to the Supreme Court to ensure integrity and honesty in our elections while ensuring citizens are not impeded at the ballot box. We should be satisfied with nothing less than 100% confidence that one person has one vote.

I’m joining with my colleagues in both state and federal government to ask Cooper to do his job or resign. The Attorney General’s office is the last place for an ambitious politician.

We must have a top law enforcement official who stands for the rule of law, not special interests or political correctness. We need an AG with the backbone to fight for our state – especially on issues like voter ID.

The rule of law matters in this state, and if elected as AG, you will never have to wonder where I stand. I will not cave to political correctness when truth is at stake. It’s time for Roy Cooper to do the same, or step aside.

If you agree, please add your name to my petition here.

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Troopers back Buck

I'm excited to announce the endorsement of the NC Troopers Association.

These men and women are the "thin blue line" that keeps us safe. Every day they show up to work, they put us ahead of them, our future ahead of theirs. We owe them our respect and gratitude.

More than that, they deserve an Attorney General who stands for the rule of law, without a political agenda. Law enforcement shouldn't worry where the Attorney General will stand when political correctness turns up the heat. And they will never question where I stand: I will have their backs. 

That's why they endorsed my campaign. Read what they had to say, then send this good news to your friends:

The North Carolina Troopers Association is proud to announce our endorsement of Buck Newton for North Carolina Attorney General. Troopers, Deputies, and City Officers face life threatening situations every day across our great state. They do this so that we can live in a safe and free society. Our Law Enforcement officers deserve an Attorney General with integrity and honor. The citizens of this state deserve to have an Attorney General who is fair and impartial and who will follow the rule of law. 

The Troopers Association has conducted an evaluation of the candidates for AG and we strongly feel that Buck Newton is the most qualified for the job of the Chief Law Enforcement officer in the state. Buck Newton has served his community as an Attorney for the last sixteen years. He has also served as a State Senator on committees that deal with Law Enforcement and Justice issues. 

The past few years have been dangerous times for Law Enforcement officers. There have been many instances where officers have been targeted and killed for no reason other than that they are officers. Violent criminals no longer fear facing our broken criminal justice system. These violent criminals prey on innocent people and they must be stopped. The Troopers Association knows that Buck Newton is strong enough to always make the right decision, even if it is not popular or politically correct. A very important decision will be made on Election Day. This decision will have a far reaching impact on all citizens of North Carolina. The decision is one that could possibly determine the safety of your family. 

The North Carolina Troopers Association is made up of more than two thousand active and retired Highway Patrol employees. It was formed in 1977 to advance the principles of proper law enforcement and support the betterment of our criminal justice system. The NCTA membership strongly feels that North Carolina will be a stronger, safer, and better place to live with Buck Newton as AG. The Troopers Association encourages you to vote for Buck Newton on November 8th.

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Restoring Jessica Lunsford Act

Registered sex offenders and others who have been deemed a threat to children would be banned from schools, day care centers, churches, playgrounds, recreation parks and other places when children are present under legislation I filed today. 

The Jessica Lunsford Restoration Act would prohibit individuals determined by the courts to pose a threat to children from property where regularly scheduled educational, recreational and social programs for youth take place or from within 300 feet of places intended primarily for the use, care and supervision of minors.

Most disturbingly, federal Judge James A Beaty, Jr. cited Attorney General Roy Cooper's failure to present evidence in his explanation (documented below). After this recent ruling from Judge Beaty, it became clear to me that we cannot count on Attorney General Cooper to defend the Jessica Lunsford Act and keep our children safe from dangerous sex offenders. That's why I drafted this legislation.

There is nothing more important than keeping our children safe and out of the reach of dangerous sex offenders and child abusers. If this bill protects even one child, it will be well worth it.

A federal court struck down the original Jessica Lunsford Act of 2009 in part because it applied to all registered sex offenders, regardless of whether their offense was against children or not. The new bill is narrowly tailored to apply only to those a court considers to be a threat to minors. The state is continuing to appeal the court’s ruling and will maintain the 2009 law if the ruling is overturned. 

Jessica Lunsford was a nine-year-old girl originally from Gastonia who was abducted and brutally raped and murdered in Florida by a convicted sex offender in 2005.


Judge Beaty Criticized Cooper’s Strategy In Handling The Case
Questioning why his office failed to present better evidence to support his defense even after given the opportunity to do so:

  • “…the attorney general offered nothing beyond anecdotal evidence of any connection between adult-victim offenders and future crimes against minors. Indeed, the attorney general’s office declined an express request by the court to offer expert testimony or statistical evidence on that connection—a development the federal judge described as “somewhat unexpected.” (Jamie Markham, "Federal Judge Enjoins 300-Foot Rule for Sex Offenders," UNC School of Government Criminal Law Blog, 4/28/2016)
  • “The Court expressed to Defendants that their evidentiary showing up to that point was likely inadequate to carry the burden of showing that subsection (a)(2) furthers the state interest in protecting minors from sexual crimes without burdening substantially more speech than necessary, particularly as their showing related to adult-victim offenders.” (Memorandum Opinion and Order: Doe v. Cooper, 1:13-cv-00711-JAB-JLW, M.D. N.C., p. 7, filed 4/22/2016 [Judge Beaty, James A.])
  • “Defendants stated that they would rely upon the evidence  already presented, would not provide additional evidence” (Memorandum Opinion and Order: Doe v. Cooper, 1:13-cv-00711-JAB-JLW, M.D. N.C., p. 7, filed 4/22/2016 [Judge Beaty, James A.])
  • “On this point, Defendant’s decision not to provide expert testimony or statistical reports to the Court was somewhat unexpected. Defendants stated at the status conference that it would not be difficult for from to find an expert to support their case. Yet, Defendants chose not to seek out an expert even after repeated inquiries from the Court regarding whether they desired to do so and after the Court expressly stated that it believed that Defendants’ evidentiary offering was inadequate to carry their burden in this case.” (p. 20, Memorandum Opinion and Order: Doe v. Cooper, 1-5 1:13-cv-00711-JAB-JLW, 2016 NC [Judge Beaty, James A.])
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Protecting Women and Children

I have great news to share: The N.C. Senate just passed legislation stopping the dangerous and illegal policy of allowing men to share restrooms and shower facilities with women and young girls.
Recently, the Charlotte City Council passed a radical “non-discrimination” ordinance forcing businesses and public accommodations to allow men to share private spaces with members of the opposite sex.
Charlotte’s ordinance not only violates common sense, it also violates existing state criminal trespass law, indecent exposure law and building codes. 
The General Assembly was forced to come back into session to correct this dangerous issue brought to us by the Charlotte City Council.
I was proud to be a driving force in the effort to protect the women and children of North Carolina.
Unfortunately, Josh Stein decided to take the same path as Roy Cooper in being AWOL on this important issue.
While Stein and Cooper would rather play politics than protect women and children, I promise that as your Attorney General, I will always work to uphold the laws of our state and protect the people of North Carolina.

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Obama's Gun Grab

President Obama’s town hall meeting last night often resembled a song and dance. Predictably, CNN protected Obama and didn’t press him on his non-answers.  But, to their credit, they did let some folks who understand the Second Amendment ask some questions.

A few citizens showed that “we the people” still believe in the Second Amendment.  These patriots, despite all the efforts of a well-oiled spin machine, showed how Mr. Obama cannot answer the most basic questions about this assault on our liberty.

Taya Kyle, the wife of the late Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame, pointed out the obvious response to more gun laws: “criminals don’t follow laws.”  She also noted correctly that our nation’s murder rate is reaching an all-time low at the same time gun ownership is at an all-time high.  Of course the President avoided the points she made, instead comparing gun laws to traffic laws and murder rates to traffic accidents.  Taya and common sense clearly won that exchange.

Paul Babeu, a sheriff in Arizona, pointed out how these proposed new "laws,” pushed in the aftermath of the California terrorist attacks, would not have prevented those attacks.  Sheriff Babeu asked the President point blank, “What would you have done to prevent these shootings and terrorists attacks?”  Obama never answered the question. 

Finally, Kris Jacob from the American Firearms Retailers Association asked the President why he will not hire 200 ATF agents to enforce the over 10,000 gun laws that are currently in place instead of hiring 200 inspectors to audit paperwork of law abiding gun owners? Obama again had no answer.

Last evening was just another example of the power of the American people.  They showed how a few people willing to take a stand for principle can make a difference.

As your Attorney General, I will protect the people of North Carolina and the Constitution of the United States.  But I need your help -- get involved today!

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A Clear Choice

Voters Will Be Given a Clear Choice for Attorney General Between Buck Newton and Josh Stein 

“Roy Cooper’s protege will continue to champion big government while ignoring the Constitution, individual liberties and the people of North Carolina.”

Wilson, North Carolina— With Monday’s official announcement that Democrat Josh Stein has formally entered the race for Attorney General, Republican Attorney General candidate Buck Newton says the voters of North Carolina will be given a clear choice in next year’s election. 

“Josh Stein is a typical left-wing politician who would seek to continue the disturbing trend of letting Washington decide what is best for North Carolina,” Newton said. “Roy Cooper’s protege will continue to champion big government while ignoring the Constitution, individual liberties and the people of North Carolina.”

Stein made his official announcement on Monday, although he has stated his intentions to run for the seat held by his former boss Roy Cooper since 2013. Newton noted, “Stein has spent the last few years unofficially running for AG; raising money from liberal special interests and dodging his duties as a State Senator by avoiding controversial votes that would highlight his liberal views that are out of touch with North Carolina.”

Stein planned appearances in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Raleigh on Monday. Newton said Stein’s focus on the state’s metropolitan media centers was indicative of the type of big money, soundbite oriented campaign Stein will run. Newton said that from political philosophy to the way they campaign, the contrast between the two is stark.

“We kicked off our campaign at a small diner in Star, a town of about 800 people that is the geographic center of the state. Since then I’ve traveled from the mountains to the coast; visiting big cities and small towns.” Newton said.  “I’ve done more listening than talking and I hear one consistent theme: citizens want North Carolinians to make the decisions that affect North Carolina and they are sick of the overreaching arm of the Federal Government interfering with their lives.”  

Newton concluded by saying he believes the voters will respond to the clear choice with which they will be presented.  “I have faith in the people of North Carolina because I’m out there talking with them every day. They are positive, upbeat and inspiring. It will be my honor to protect these great citizens as their Attorney General.”

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Campaign Kickoff

State Senator Buck Newton Announces Campaign for N.C. Attorney General 

“Protecting North Carolina’s citizens should be the #1 priority of the state’s top law enforcement officer and lawyer.”

Star, North Carolina—State Senator Buck Newton has officially announced his candidacy for the office of North Carolina Attorney General.   

In the small town of Star (population 874), Newton had a low profile start to what is sure to be a high profile campaign.

“I’m excited to announce my candidacy for State Attorney General,” Newton said while enjoying a pre-dawn breakfast at a small local diner in the town whose claim to fame is being the exact geographic center of North Carolina. “Most candidates start at one end of the state and work their way to the other. I’m starting in the middle,” Newton joked. 

“As your Attorney General, I’ll protect citizens in the small towns and the big cities. Protecting North Carolina’s citizens should be the #1 priority of the state’s top law enforcement officer and lawyer.”

Newton, a steady conservative voice in the State Senate for 3 terms, said politics needs to be kept out of the Attorney General’s office and a focus needs to be put back on the citizens.

“As Attorney General, I’ll make sure that the rights of North Carolinians are protected -- from attacks of any kind, including unscrupulous scam artists, to the overreaching arm of the Federal Government. I will uphold the Constitution and strive to protect the rights it guarantees us as citizens,” Newton concluded.

Newton had 5 scheduled stops across the state on Monday, saying he plans on doing “a lot more listening than talking.” 

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