Obama/CNN team up tonight

If you’re a fan of the theatre, an example of political theatre will be on display tonight on CNN.

President Obama will be holding a town hall style meeting they are billing as “Guns in America”.  I can assure you however, that this will not in any way be an accurate depiction of the role of the gun in America.

Will they discuss the thousands of lives saved by a gun in hands of a law abiding citizen? Not on your life!  Instead we will likely see a carefully scripted and choreographed effort to cynically manipulate past tragedies which were caused by the truly evil and/or demented.

All this in an effort to manipulate people into believing that gun ownership is more dangerous than the terrorists Obama is releasing from Gitmo or the ones he allows into the country on a visa like the San Bernardino terrorist! CNN is always willing to help out.

Meanwhile, where is our current NC Attorney General?  Most likely he will be watching and

applauding the show instead of doing his job of protecting North Carolina from this abuse of power. Cooper should file a court action to block this unconstitutional power grab.

As your next Attorney General, I will be a champion of your Constitutional rights and protect North Carolina. Will you join me in the fight by forwarding this message to everyone you know and sharing our message on social media? This election is critical – and I need your support NOW in order to fight back!

Thank you for standing with me.

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