Protecting Women and Children

I have great news to share: The N.C. Senate just passed legislation stopping the dangerous and illegal policy of allowing men to share restrooms and shower facilities with women and young girls.
Recently, the Charlotte City Council passed a radical “non-discrimination” ordinance forcing businesses and public accommodations to allow men to share private spaces with members of the opposite sex.
Charlotte’s ordinance not only violates common sense, it also violates existing state criminal trespass law, indecent exposure law and building codes. 
The General Assembly was forced to come back into session to correct this dangerous issue brought to us by the Charlotte City Council.
I was proud to be a driving force in the effort to protect the women and children of North Carolina.
Unfortunately, Josh Stein decided to take the same path as Roy Cooper in being AWOL on this important issue.
While Stein and Cooper would rather play politics than protect women and children, I promise that as your Attorney General, I will always work to uphold the laws of our state and protect the people of North Carolina.