Proven Record

newton_215.jpgAs Attorney General, Buck will stand for the rule of law. His record proves he understands what makes North Carolina the best state to raise a family and for businesses to grow and create jobs. He will protect our way of life and ensure the next generation inherits the same opportunities to succeed.

Improve the Business Climate

Buck cut regulations and bureaucratic red tape while also offering tax relief to all North Carolinians, including cuts to corporate, personal, and estate tax rates.  Since then, our state's businesses have created over 300,000 new jobs, and more people work in North Carolina than ever before.


Toughen Penalties on Criminals

Buck believes the first duty of government is to protect its citizens. That’s why he repealed the Racial Justice Act, which allowed convicted first degree murderers to escape punishment by clogging the court system and using statistical data unrelated to the actual crime. He sponsored Burt’s law to increase penalties for abusing residents of group homes. Buck also updated state law to improve law enforcement’s prosecuting of human trafficking and reinstated Jessica’s Law to protect children from sex predators. To help combat illegal immigration, Buck is working to outlaw sanctuary cities in NC. For spearheading legislation to install interlock devices in cars of repeat and egregious DWI offenders, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) named Buck "Legislator of the Year" for this vital work to keep our roads safe. The Fraternal Order of Police, NC Troopers Association, and sheriffs all across NC have endorsed Buck in this campaign.newton_261.jpg

Implement Responsible Budgets

Buck passed balanced, forward-thinking budgets that have right-sized state government, updated technology in the courts, and eliminated the backlog at the state’s crime lab which prolonged the time innocent and guilty citizens waited for evidence. As one of only nine states with a AAA bond rating from all three major credit rating agencies, North Carolina is now on fiscally sound footing for years to come. This approach allowed the state to pass the largest teacher pay raise in state history, with an average increase of 7 percent.

Save Money on Energy

As a recognized leader in shaping North Carolina’s energy policies, Buck led the effort for Duke Progress to purchase NCEMPA’s power generating assets in rural areas, which decreased electricity costs in those areas by double-digit percentages. He also helped expand offshore and natural gas drilling to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.


Stand up to Washington, DC 

For too long, politicians in Washington have expanded the federal government’s reach into our lives and no one has fought this egregious power grab. Unlike our current Attorney General who has refused to stand up to President Obama for the state, Buck has fought against implementing Obamacare and overregulation from the EPA. He will fight against unconstitutional executive orders and will maintain the separation of powers and 10th Amendment right of the states that our Constitution protects.

Protect Constitutional Values newton_045.jpg

Buck adamantly defends the constitutional rights our Founding Fathers reserved for all citizens. He authored the Castle Doctrine law, which expanded the number of places concealed carry permit holders can carry firearms for self-defense. He also sponsored legislation that helps protect the right to life of the unborn and the Bathroom Protection Act that protects women and children’s safety and privacy.