A message from Buck Newton; Republican candidate for North Carolina Attorney General

This week will see the 2nd Amendment come under attack from the Executive Branch.    

Today, President Barack Obama is meeting with his teams of lawyers to plot his attack on our 2nd Amendment rights. He is planning more lawless Executive action - this time to limit the rights of law abiding citizens to a firearm.   That’s not the way it will be reported in most of the media; but that is exactly what is happening. 

We know the right to keep and bear arms is the cornerstone to protecting our freedom and our families.   Because of the outcry from freedom-loving citizens like you, Obama knows he would fail to get his scheme passed into law by Congress. So, an out of control President will once again try to ignore our Constitution and the system of checks and balances that make our Republic great.  When he does, Hillary Clinton and those that support this far left agenda will stand and applaud. 

Each day this week, I will be sending out updates by email and social media on Obama’s attempts to limit our freedom. I will provide you with information to share with others about this assault on our Constitution.  Please forward this message to as many people as possible so they can have access to this important information.  (If this message has been forwarded to you, please sign up for my email list or follow me on social media at the links below)

Big Federal Government is out of control and every day our values and rights are under attack from the lawlessness of this President.  We must stand for Liberty and against the erosion of our rights protected by the Constitution.  President Ronald Reagan once said “As government expands, liberty retracts.”   

Join me to protect North Carolina and our 2nd Amendment rights from Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.