The Obama Song and Dance

President Obama’s town hall meeting last night often resembled a song and dance. Predictably, CNN protected Obama and didn’t press him on his non-answers.  But, to their credit, they did let some folks who understand the Second Amendment ask some questions. 

A few citizens showed that “we the people” still believe in the Second Amendment.  These patriots, despite all the efforts of a well-oiled spin machine, showed how Mr. Obama cannot answer the most basic questions about this assault on our liberty. 

Taya Kyle, the wife of the late Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame, pointed out the obvious response to more gun laws: “criminals don’t follow laws.”  She also noted correctly that our nation’s murder rate is reaching an all-time low at the same time gun ownership is at an all-time high.  Of course the President avoided the points she made, instead comparing gun laws to traffic laws and murder rates to traffic accidents.  Taya and common sense clearly won that exchange.

Paul Babeu, a sheriff in Arizona, pointed out how these proposed new "laws,” pushed in the aftermath of the California terrorist attacks, would not have prevented those attacks.  Sheriff Babeu asked the President point blank, “What would you have done to prevent these shootings and terrorists attacks?”  Obama never answered the question.  

Finally, Kris Jacob from the American Firearms Retailers Association asked the President why he will not hire 200 ATF agents to enforce the over 10,000 gun laws that are currently in place instead of hiring 200 inspectors to audit paperwork of law abiding gun owners? Obama again had no answer.

Last evening was just another example of the power of the American people.  They showed how a few people willing to take a stand for principle can make a difference. 

As your Attorney General, I will protect the people of North Carolina and the Constitution of the United States.  But I need your help! Please stand with me by joining my campaign at and pass this important message on to everyone you know. 

Thank you for your support!

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