Troopers back Buck

I'm excited to announce the endorsement of the NC Troopers Association.

These men and women are the "thin blue line" that keeps us safe. Every day they show up to work, they put us ahead of them, our future ahead of theirs. We owe them our respect and gratitude.

More than that, they deserve an Attorney General who stands for the rule of law, without a political agenda. Law enforcement shouldn't worry where the Attorney General will stand when political correctness turns up the heat. And they will never question where I stand: I will have their backs. 

That's why they endorsed my campaign. Read what they had to say, then send this good news to your friends:

The North Carolina Troopers Association is proud to announce our endorsement of Buck Newton for North Carolina Attorney General. Troopers, Deputies, and City Officers face life threatening situations every day across our great state. They do this so that we can live in a safe and free society. Our Law Enforcement officers deserve an Attorney General with integrity and honor. The citizens of this state deserve to have an Attorney General who is fair and impartial and who will follow the rule of law. 

The Troopers Association has conducted an evaluation of the candidates for AG and we strongly feel that Buck Newton is the most qualified for the job of the Chief Law Enforcement officer in the state. Buck Newton has served his community as an Attorney for the last sixteen years. He has also served as a State Senator on committees that deal with Law Enforcement and Justice issues. 

The past few years have been dangerous times for Law Enforcement officers. There have been many instances where officers have been targeted and killed for no reason other than that they are officers. Violent criminals no longer fear facing our broken criminal justice system. These violent criminals prey on innocent people and they must be stopped. The Troopers Association knows that Buck Newton is strong enough to always make the right decision, even if it is not popular or politically correct. A very important decision will be made on Election Day. This decision will have a far reaching impact on all citizens of North Carolina. The decision is one that could possibly determine the safety of your family. 

The North Carolina Troopers Association is made up of more than two thousand active and retired Highway Patrol employees. It was formed in 1977 to advance the principles of proper law enforcement and support the betterment of our criminal justice system. The NCTA membership strongly feels that North Carolina will be a stronger, safer, and better place to live with Buck Newton as AG. The Troopers Association encourages you to vote for Buck Newton on November 8th.